DevOps and web application

Yaml, Markdown, html, css and javascripts through Hugo, Discourse and Ghost

As a Founder of two non-profit projects GCDFL,introducing the Eastern Churches into Chinese audience by academic lectures and CTCFOL, Chinese Translation of Church Fathers from Original Language. I learned to build these two websites through Hugo. I also made a docs for CTCFOL through Hugo. Hugo is simple and easy to use for a static websites. I learned Yaml, Markdown, and a little bit about html, css and javascripts through building these three websites.

I also build a Forum to teaching ancient Greek and Syriac through Discourse.

I build a personal websites ephremyuan for sharing my translations through Ghost.

Reverse Proxy Servives, Nginx and Caddy

About reverse proxy service, I initially used NGINX proxy manager, now I use Caddy. The latter’s characteristic is to automatically add the certificate ssl to the domain name, setup is simple, more convenient.

Git, Github and Backup tools

For a remote backup: I applied for Yandex-1tb plan, and use rclone + restic to achieve regular backup. I use git and github to backup the following three websites, GCDFL, CTCFOL, and docs for CTCFOL.

Working flowing: Terminal and Editor

I love terminal, I have used warp, Iterm2, alacritty, now I use kitty.

For the editors: I now use Neovim+tmuxas my IDE. About simple Neovim IDE, I recommend Nvchad and Lunarvim.